Triathlon Clothing – What To Wear

22 September 2011

Triathlon clothing, or tri clothing as it’s often called, are the sports clothes designed to enhance the triathlete’s performance.

Range of tri suits, tri shorts and tri tops in men's and women's styles for the Divine Property Group's tri team competing in the BRW Triathlon 2011

Tri gear designed for the Divine Property Group's triathlon team for the BRW Triathlon 2011

Note: The BRW Corporate Triathlon series is run each year in Australia. It’s a huge event attracting corporate triathlon teams who love a challenge.

Tri suit

The tri suit has been specifically designed for maximum comfort during the entire triathlon.

Men's tri suit and Women's tri suit designed by Captivations for a triathlon team

Tri Suits come in men's and women's styles

Captivations’ tri suits are made with high-performance lycra sports fabric with flat lock construction techniques that ensure less irritation and optimum comfort. The Italian chamois gusset protects from chaffing and the hypo-allergenic rubberised leg grip enhances snug fit down the bottom of the knicks. Our tri suits have a 2-way back pocket for storing items.

Custom tri suits

Captivations is a leading custom triathlon clothing company designing triathlon team clothing that not only performs to the max but looks great too.

Your team can have any design you want (we have a team of professional sports outfit designers). With low minimum orders of five units per style, Captivations can make tri suits for your for your triathlon team.

What’s best about wearing a tri suit

Tri suits fit so well that you can get on with the event without worrying about anything riding up or down.

Captivations has men’s and women’s fit tri suits that look great and help you perform at your best.

Contact Captivations today. We have low minimum orders of five units per style. Free call Australia 1300 734 708. Internationally: call 617 3292 3292 or email us.

Tri shorts and tri tops

Tri Shorts and Tri Tops designed for a triathlon team

Tri Shorts and Tri Tops in the triathlon team designA popular option for triathletes is the tri shorts and separate tri top, also called tri jersey or tri singlet. See Captivations triathlon sportswear range. Captivations supplies both men’s and women’s styles for tri shorts and tops.

Like the tri suits, the tri tops (both the jersey and singlet) are made with a flat-lock construction that ensures optimum comfort and come with a back pocket with gusseted bottom end to store bulky items.

The tri pants are made to ensure a snug fit on the legs. The front and back panels are made of 100% black nylon lycra and the pants have Italian-made chamois gusset that ensures you stay comfortable during the longest rides.

Captivations tri pants and tri tops are made specially for your team sublimated with your design. Don’t forget, we have a low minimum order of 5 units per style.

Tri Gear: what’s best?

It’s a preference thing. The good news is that Captivations can supply your custom tri clothing made with quality triathlon fabrics in your team design.

Tri Singlets and Tri Shorts combination designed by Captivations for the Divine Property Group tri team

Tri Singlets and Tri Shorts combination

Simply email Captivations or call (free anywhere in Australia) on 1300 734 708. If you are outside Australia, call 617 3292 3292 or email Captivations with your enquiry.

View the Captivations range of triathlon clothing

See a range of custom tri suit designs from Captivations

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