The importance of getting quality custom netball uniforms

25 July 2012

A cautionary tale

Custom netball dresses and boy leg shorts for Woorinen Netball Club

Custom designed netball dress and boyleg shorts for Woorinen Netball Club

One of our netball club clients, the Woorinen Netball Club from Victoria, told us about some clubs in their competition who had purchased custom netball dresses from another supplier and were very disappointed with the quality: dresses were too short and the colours ran on the first wash.

Naomi from the Woorinen Netball Club wanted to make sure that their netball uniforms were high quality, durable, washable without colour fade or colours running – and she wanted great looking netball outfits on and off the field. That’s why she called Captivations.

With over 21 years in the custom sports uniform business, we source the best fabrics and use quality sublimation processes which mean that our sports uniforms are colour fast, durable and look great. Add our experienced design team and well-fitting patterns and you get excellent quality netball uniforms every time you order.

We can supply a-line netball dresses, racer-b k dresses, bodysuits, netball skirts and tops, boyleg pants – everything you need for your netball teams. Check out our netball uniform range.

Back to the Woorinen Netball Club custom uniform order

The club decided to go with A-line netball dresses with boyleg pants – the order for 75 of each for their club members.

To make sure they ordered the right sizes, we sent the club a complete size set of netball A-line dresses (14 different sizes in all from Youth Size 4 through to Adult Size 30) so that the club could check the fit of all their players before ordering their dresses. The size set of dresses were available for their registration day to make sure all players could try on the sizes for a perfect fit.

Before making the netball dresses, we sent through samples of their netball dresses to make sure they were happy with the design, colour combinations and style. After approval, it was then a matter of having the custom-designed dresses made and delivered to the club.

Our team at Captivations love getting it right – that’s what we do best and it pays off for clubs like the Woorinen Netball Club who are delighted with their new netball dresses.

See a range of our studio designs for netball uniforms.

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