Sports Uniforms: custom designed for your team or school

1 December 2010

The identity of your sporting club comes from the unique sports uniforms that your teams wear during competitions and off the sporting arena.

Custom Cycle Jerseys can be designed in your team colours and style

Custom Cycle and Triathlon sports uniforms custom designed in your team colours and style

You want your teams to not only have great looking sports uniforms but team outfits that perform at their best.

Custom designed sports uniforms

The best method for getting your team colours, logo and details onto your sports uniforms is sublimation.

You may not recognize the word, sublimation, but you’ve seen plenty of sports uniforms that use this method. All the major sporting codes’ team uniforms including netball dresses and bodysuits, football jerseys, cricket tops, basketball shirts, cycling tops, triathlon singlets – in fact every sports code wear is custom designed using the sublimation method.

The advantages of sublimated custom designed sports uniforms

Sublimated sportswear means that every club or school sporting uniforms can be designed in high performance sports fabrics including sports-quality polyester or lycra to meet the specific needs of the sporting code.

Netball uniforms can be custom designed in your team colours and style

Netball sports uniforms custom designed in your team colours and style

That’s why, at Captivations, we source the highest-quality fabrics match the sporting code that you play.

  • High contact sports need their sports wear to withstand the intense physical pressure of body contact competition.
  • Cyclists, triathletes and netball players need light-weight lycra that allows them to move easily and not add extra weight that will slow them down.

The high quality sports fabrics used by Captivations wick perspiration away from the body. This means that your team players can stay cool under pressure.

Design Your Own Sports Uniforms

Captivations have specialist inhouse graphic designers experienced in designing sports outfits for Australian sporting clubs, schools and international sports teams as well.

We also have a do-it-yourself design your own sports uniforms online. You can experiment with designs and colour schemes and send your results to us. Many sports clubs use this to start the process and then get our experienced designers to finesse the design.

Our goal is to make sure that you get your sports uniforms custom designed the way you want them to look.

Captivations can customise your team sportswear in your colours and style

Captivations can custom design your sports uniforms in your team colours and style

By the way, whether you want one colour, two colours or a range of colours in your sports uniforms, you pay the same price for one colour or many.

Order your custom designed sublimated sports uniforms today

Contact us via email or on free call Australia 1300 734 708 and we’ll get straight back to you.

Because your sports uniforms will be custom-made, the process can take a few weeks, so plan well ahead before your season begins.