Sports clubs and associations severely affected by floods

13 January 2011

Bundaberg Netball Association grounds under flood waters in January 2011The flood waters of 2011 have not only devastated businesses, personal property and houses, they have also had a disastrous effect on sporting ovals, netball courts, and sporting clubs generally.

Just take one instance that was reported to Captivations recently. The Bundaberg Netball Association organised a working bee to clean up their club last Saturday after the flood waters had subsided only to find there efforts were in vain as it was all submerged again within the week. Heartbreaking!

The floods have already created havoc for the start of the 2011 sporting year. We wish all sports clubs in affected areas all the best in the coming weeks and months as they get their club houses and grounds back into working order.

Getting our communities working again

Captivations has donated $1000 to the Queensland Government’s Flood Appeal. We also note that the Netball Association of Queensland has set up a Flood Relief Fund. Great initiative!

Thanks to all who have called to see how we are coping. We can report that the families and friends of Captivations staff are safe but in shock as to what has happened over the past week.

Captivations offices are dry, have electricity and are still operating as per normal hours.

Please contact us with any enquiries.