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25 March 2013
Image of original tshirt design and new Eagle Junction Swim Club tshirt design

The Eagle Junction Swim Club tshirt design for the Ascot Cup meet in 2013

Do you have a favourite cotton screen-printed t-shirt design? It could be a Lonsdale printed tee (see image), Ben Sherman, Quicksilver, Elwood, Lorna Jane, Billabong or a RIP Curl printed tee.

You choose a famous print and we can customise it to meet your club’s specific look.

Customised t-shirts? how it works

The Eagle Junction Swim Club wanted a special printed tee for their 2013 Ascot Cup swim meet tees. They liked the design of the Lonsdale Smithson t-shirt and gave us alternative wording for elements of the design.

Firstly, we changed the white tshirt into a navy tshirt with a one-colour print. The text, ‘Lonsdale’ was replaced with ‘Eagle Junction’ using a similar font. The Eagle Junction Swim Club logo replaced the red lion at the top. ‘Swim Club’ replaced ‘premium quality’; Ascot Cup 2013 replaced ‘the original’ and the ‘60’ became ’67′ – the year the EJ Swim Club was established.

The end product was a cracker and loved by all the kids and parents. It provided a distinct difference to the other clubs competing.

The cost of making the custom t-shirts was very competitive so that the club could sell them for $20 (including GST) and still make a profit. Best of all, they sold like hotcakes and were the standout t-shirts of all the schools competing on the day.

Image of an I Love tshirt designed for Haberfield Netball Club

I Love tshirts are popular for sports clubs, schools and businesses

If you have a favourite t-shirt design that you want customized for your club or organization, give us a call. The famous, I[HEART]NY is a classic example of a design that has been replicated for many clubs, schools and businesses. We can easily replicate the I-Love t-shirt design for your school or club. But the choice is yours: you find the design – we’ll make it happen.

Contact us via our contact form or call anywhere in Australia free on 1300 734 708 or direct to the office, 617 9232 9232. Or you can send us a message via email.

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