New waterproof swim club jacket a big hit with kids at Brisbane swim club

24 November 2014
Image of stylish design in black, pale blue and white for tshirts, caps and waterproof swim jacket

Stylish outerwear for EJ Swim Club kids – they're loving it!

When it comes to coming up with the next best thing for kids’ sportswear, Captivations knows what to do. We’re talking ‘waterproof’ outerwear jacket for swim club members. More on this later!

Captivations owners, Ben and Lou Beard, as active volunteers at their kids’ swim club, the Eagle Junction Swim Club, are keen to make sure their budding swim stars have the latest look when it comes to custom sportswear. After all, they know what they are talking about – Captivations is a leading supplier of custom sportswear in Australia and beyond.

This year the team at Captivations developed a new t-shirt print, new cap and a waterproof swim jacket that is ideal for kids to wear to and from the pool – an excellent compliment to the EJ Swim Club’s custom apparel and merchandise range.

Streetwear style t-shirt

For the t-shirt, the club asked from something different to the traditional ‘swim club t-shirt’. ‘They were happy for us to play with the club logo to give it greater appeal to the kids’, said Ben.

The brief was to create a t-shirt that kids would want to wear outside swim club meets. For this reason, the t-shirts were designed with a white logo and text on a black background. The club eagle is the dominant feature of the design along with club initials and the words, ‘Swim Team’. Feedback from the kids has been awesome. They love the design (and we’ve seen many of the kids wearing the tee as a fashion t-shirt).

Custom made sports caps

The EJ Swim Club cap is made from our new performance sportswear fabric. All our new sportswear caps are made to order. Minimum order quantities start at 50 units. These caps form part of our ever-growing headwear range. Captivations’ bucket hats (the perfect shade hat) – made in the same performance sports fabric – are also ideal for swim teams and clubs.

Stylised waterproof swim jacket

But the really big hit with the kids is the stylised waterproof swim jacket with hoodie, a longer back and button-up front. To our knowledge, Captivations is the only sportswear supplier to produce this style of jacket and the kids love them. Sure they keep them warm after training sessions, but they also look ‘cool’ – the most important aspect for a kid!

Are you are swim club, sports club or school that want your kids to love their sports apparel? Contact Captivations today: it’s free from anywhere in Australia – 1300 734 708 or email us and we’ll get right back to you.

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