NEW Netball Catalogue 2011 out now

27 June 2011
Captivations 2011 Netball Catalogue for custom designed netball uniforms and sports gear

The 2011 Netball Catalogue has information on what's available in custom netball uniform and sports gear

Be the first to see the complete range of netball uniforms, outer wear and associated sports gear in the new Captivations Netball Catalogue. Download the Captivations 2011 Netball Catalogue [pdf]

You’ll find news about what’s happening in the custom sportswear industry that affects all clubs buying custom sports uniform supplies.

We guarantee that we can supply the best quality, exceptionally durable, lowest priced custom uniforms.

Here’s one comment from a Netball customer

“With all the pressures and duties involved in establishing a sporting club, it has been such a relief to have a 100% reliable netball uniform supplier who offers immediate and pertinent responses, knows their product, and who has been so flexible and helpful in accommodating the developing needs of our club. So thank you.”

Joann, Woverines Netball Club

Captivations supply much more than custom netball uniforms. We’re a one-stop shop for all your sporting apparel and accessories such as track jackets, socks, custom-designed visors, water bottles, sports bags, and club or school banners.

Ladies Cut Track Jackets

And we know you’ll love the new women’s-cut track jackets that have been designed especially for women. Why? Because the netball teams who have them are raving about them!

Netball Dresses page in the 2011 Netball Catalogue from Captivations showing range of netball dress designs and features

Here’s what Jocelyn from the Pine Rivers Netball Association has to say about the ladies-cut track jackets.

“The new ladies style sublimation jacket looks fabulous. It is a lovely feminine style that makes the girls present professionally and beautifully. I can highly recommend Captivations’ uniform apparel.”

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But, if you want to see what’s available right now, download the pdf of the Netball Catalogue now.

PDF icon to download Captivations 2011 Netball Sports Uniform Catalogue

Captivations 2011 Netball Catalogue

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