How to get individually-named representative netball uniforms on time

26 November 2013
Image of Pine Rivers Netball Association's representative team outfits that are individually named for each player

Individually-named representative uniforms for Pine Rivers Netball Association

For netball association representative teams, it’s impossible to purchase team wear before the team members are known – especially if garments are to be individually named for each player.

Because many suppliers don’t have short enough lead times, waiting for team selection is not possible. If they do wait, the uniforms won’t be available before the competition begins.

At Captivations, because we have fine-tuned our production, we have very short lead times so that garments can be individually named and arrive in time for the first game.

Pine Rivers Netball Association has used our system to supply their representative teams with named garments for the past three years: delivered on time before the competition starts.

How it works

All you need to do is book production space ahead of time. For example, you know that you need the garments by a certain date. We block off that time for production. This allows us to advise the date we need the order by and for the customer to make sure team selection has taken place prior to the order placement.

So, when the time comes, they select the teams, place their orders a day or two later and we deliver individually-named uniforms (in the right sizes for each team member) ready for the competition.

Book ahead ­– it works.

Contact Captivations to get your individually-named representative sports uniforms delivered to your club when you want them. Email Captivations or call free from anywhere in Australia on 1300 734 708 or call our office on +61 7 3292 3292.