How to Design Your Own Uniform

17 June 2011

You can now design your own sports uniform online and it’s so easy to do.

Just follow these steps. BTW, you’ll also be able to watch a demo on the Design Your Own system on the Captivations website.

Step 1: Click on the Design Your Own image

Design Your Own features on many Captivations’ webpages in the right-hand column. Click on the Start Now button to get going.

Design Your Own Uniforms starts on any Captivations webpage with this image. Just click on Start Now

Step 2: Click anywhere on the Design Your Own landing page

You can click anywhere on this next image or where it says ‘Click here to start designing’.

Landing page for Captivations' Design Your Own Uniforms

Step 3: Select one of the codes shown

From left to right, choose one of the codes from left to right: cycling, rugby, soccer, netball, Aussie Rules, cricket, basketball.

If your code is not shown, many of the codes have standard unisex polo shirts, track jackets and t-shirts so chose cricket, basketball or cycling to access standard sports apparel. We selected ‘cricket’.

Step 4: Choose one of the designs

Notice that there are two pages of cricket uniform designs (and two pages of other sports uniforms in this system). We selected Design 3 which is a three-colour design with added colour options for text and for number.

First page of the many template designs for cricket uniforms on the Design Your Own online system on Captivations website

Step 5: Start designing by selecting Colour 1

Make sure the heading, Colour 1, is highlighted and choose a colour from the palette. Then select Colour 2. Make sure this heading, Colour 2, is highlighted before you choose a different colour.

To start designing, highlight Colour 1 then choose a colour from the colour palette on the right

Step 6: Play around with the colours and designs

Have some fun.

Here’s another attempt at combining colours.

Very bright version of the Design Your Own uniform using colours from the extensive colour palette

Perhaps this colour combination for a cricket uniform is a bit more subtle. In this next one, the flouro lime colour was included.

Flouro lime was selected=

Step 7: Finalise the design you like best

You may have to reenter the colours that you prefer for your design.

You've selected=

Step 8: Click on Print/Submit to go to the final design page

Click on the different apparel to show the design for each. In this case, we have selected all the clothing items on the page.

Final design page is where you select the types of sports clothing you want: in this case for cricket, polo shirt, long pants, singlet and shorts

Click ‘Next’ to complete your details to send your design to Captivations.

Step 9: Complete the form and submit your design to Captivations

All you need to do is complete the form.

How easy is that!

This is a form to complete to send with your design to Captivations

We value your time so we’ll get back to you straight away to discuss your design and how we can delivery quality custom uniforms at truly great prices for you.

Not happy with your design? Don’t worry, we have experienced designs to help you

You might want your own design rather than use one of the templates in the Design Your Own uniform system.

Our experienced sports uniform designers can create your sports uniforms especially for your club, school or event – like this one which was designed for the Blackmores Sydney Run Festival 2011.

Free running singlet for every registration in the Sydney Run Event to be held on 19 September 2011

Designed running singlets for Blackmores Sydney Run Event on 19 September 2011

And finally, don’t forget, if you already have a design, we can make your new uniforms to that design.

Happy designing!

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