High performance fabrics for sports apparel and sporting teams uniforms

24 August 2010

The team at Captivations realizes the importance of your team having the right uniform that suits your code. Netball players need light-weight lycra that allows them to move easily and keeps perspiration wicked away from the body.

High contact sports need their sportswear to withstand the intense pressure that comes in any competition.

That’s why, at Captivations, we source the highest-quality fabrics match the sporting code that you play.

So what are the differences between the different high performance sports fabrics.

High Tensile Strength

Captivation logo for High Tensile Strength fabric used in high contact sports uniforms

Full contact sports require high strength fabrics to stand up to the high physical pressure. Captivations has developed HTS Sub to meet the professional standards of the Rugby Union, Rugby League and Aussie Rules markets.

Some of the Captivations sportswear made with this fabric include the rugby elite jersey, traditional rugby jersey, raglan sleeve jersey, aussie rules guernsey, aussie rules shorts, rugby shorts and hoodies

High Count Polyester Cotton

Captivations Logo for High Count Polyester Cotton Fabric used in quality custom sports uniforms

Captivations developed the high-count poly cotton fabric that has a cotton back lining with a polyester surface. The polyester surface ensures that this cotton back fabric can be sublimated. The cotton back makes this ideal for supporters, school daywear polos and corporate apparel. It’s cotton branded your way.

This fabric is great for polos.

High Performance Lycra

Captivations Logo for High Performance Lycra fabric used in custom sports uniforms

The best 220gsm polyester/lycra in the market, this two-way stretch fabric ensures comfort and durability. If you want your lycra products to last then the Captivations HPL sub is for you.

The lycra is used in cycling knicks and bib knicks, netball bodysuits, v-neck tops, active skirts, sports skirts and a-line skirts.

Athletics products include one piece running suits, tights, boy leg tights, briefs and crop tops, tri suits, plus triathlon shorts and triathlon singlets.

High performance lycra is also used in the new hockey skirt launched this year.

High Filament Mesh

Captivations logo for High Filament Mesh fabric used in sports uniforms

Traditional polyester eyelet material fabric has been redefined. If you are serious about sport and serious about training you need your sports clothing to wick the sweat away and keep you comfortable. Only high filament polyester fabrics do this. Low filament yards equals sweat and shirts that cling. Our 96 denier / 144 filament micromesh is Australia’s best performing sublimation fabric.

Great for football, soccer, basketball, run singlets, run and training shorts, polos, cycle jerseys, sleeveless women’s polos, muscle t’shirts and cricket polos.

Great fabric for sublimation polos, singlets running and training shorts, football jerseys and shorts, basketball singlets and shorts and all cycling jerseys.

Elite Micro Fibre

Captivations Logo for Elite Microfibre fabric used in quality custom sports uniforms

The Captivations’ woven elite micro fibre has been designed to keep the elements out. Utilised with three-base layer options this fabric will keep athletes and supporters protected from the cold winds and light rain.

Elite micro fibre is used in all sublimated track jackets and pants that are purchased by all codes.

Great for track jackets and pants and sports shorts.

When next ordering your sublimated sportswear

Sublimation is the latest technique for making easy-to-wear, high performance customized sports clothing and sports accessories. Read more about why sublimation is important when customizing your team uniforms.

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