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28 November 2011

Custom Dancewear and Gym Apparel designed in corporate colours with logo

Your dancewear and gym apparel can be custom designed just for you

Captivations, leaders in dance clothing apparel design, provide dance studios, gyms and active fitness clubs with custom-made apparel and outerwear such as dance tops, dance pants and track tops.

Market your gym or studio in your local area

A terrific way to build recognition in your local community and increase your membership is having your own branded gym outfits or studio dancewear for students and dance/gym staff and teachers.

Brand your dance apparel with your logo and colours. Our professional designers can help create your bespoke designs for your dance school students.

We provide design examples, have your apparel custom designed and deliver promptly.

Dancewear tops and dance pants

Custom dance tops are ideal for dance studios and academies, gyms and fitness centres

Dance tops in various styles can be customised for dance studios, academies, gyms and fitness centres

Sublimated dance tops, leotards and pants can be custom designed for your dance studio, gym or club.

Add a track top or hoodie also designed in your studio’s particular branding: your logo, your brand colours.

With low minimum order quantities, you will get your dance garments in High Filament Micromesh (160 gsm) that wicks the sweat away. Our quality fabric ensures you stay comfortable during high activity dance sessions.

Dance-specific designs available on request – Please contact Captivations by email or free call Australia on 1300 734 708.

Custom dance leotards

The new modern-fit style, with no pockets, has draw string elastic waist and is made of high filament micromesh that wicks away the sweat. A Microfibre/Taffeta option is also available. Ask us about this when you enquire.

Dance pants in high filament micromesh or microbibre taffeta are ideal for dance studios, academies, gyms and fitness centres

Dance pants are made of high filament micromesh to wick away sweat

Custom designed dance clothes made to your dance studio design specifications – let our experienced designers help come up with a design you’ll love.

Low minimum order quantities, fast efficient service and delivery so that you get your order when you need it.

See more dance clothing on our Dancewear and Gymnastics apparel and accessories webpage.

Email Captivations today.

Telephone on 1300 734 708 (free call Australia) or direct to office 07 3292 3292.

Our experienced team are here to help you get the custom dance clothes that you’ll love.