From Design to Netball Uniform Excellence

16 May 2012

Custom netball dresses and team apparel designed and made by Captivations

Smart, stylish design for the Hills Christian Community School netball teams

Last month we wrote a news article about the excellent design for netball uniforms that Nicole from the Hills Christian Community School created using our Design Your Own team uniform system on our website.

Since then we’ve heard from Nicole about their new netball uniforms and would like to share the kind words Nicole sent to Angela, one of our Teamwear Managers, who worked with Nicole to create their actual netball dresses and other uniform apparel from the design.

Hi Ange

I just want to let you know that we had our first netball games last week and the girls all looked gorgeous in their new netball uniforms!

Our PE teacher has asked me to get a price list for all of your products because we’d like to look at buying some other clothing and merchandise to keep at the school and sell to our school community.

My main reason for emailing though, is to say THANK YOU so much for all of your assistance getting the design made up for our new netball uniforms. We are all really happy with them: they fit beautifully. And other clubs are commenting on how wonderful they look!

Thanks, Nicole

We can’t wait to start designing other team uniforms for the school.

As well as custom sports uniforms, Captivations can customize all sorts of merchandise. Soft-peak visors are popular with netball clubs and other women’s sports clubs as are custom water bottles, customised backpacks and barrel bags to name a few.

Many clubs have also had success with ILOVE t-shirts which promote the club in the local community, are good prizes for events nights and can be a terrific little fundraiser.

Contact Captivations on 1300 734 708 for all your customized sports uniforms, apparel and custom merchandise or email Captivations today.

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