Custom Umpire Netball Uniforms

30 March 2012

The design for umpire uniforms for the Hawkesbury Netball Association created by Captivations Sportwear Supplier

The umpire uniform design for the Hawkesbury Netball Association

The Hawkesbury Netball Association were looking for something a bit more than just white uniforms. They also wanted better-wearing garments that provided comfort and style.

Adopting a minimalist design approach to ensure compliance with netball umpire uniform standards, the design was created using light blue and black colours on a white background. This umpire uniform takes design elements (colours and design pattern) from the Hawkesbury Netball Uniforms that Captivations also produces.

High performance sports fabrics

At Captivations, we use the best sports fabrics for all our customized sports uniforms – 220gsm High Performance Lycra is used in the skirts. High filament micromesh is used in the polos. This means that your uniforms will hold their shape, style and colour and be super cool as they wick away perspiration.

Hawkesbury Netball Association Umpire Uniforms designed and made by Captivations

Custom umpire uniforms for the Hawkesbury Netball Association: Click on image to enlarge

Calling all Netball Associations

We specialize in creating designs for sports uniforms including those for umpires. If you belong to an umpire association, please contact us asap to ensure your officials have the latest styles and best performing uniforms.

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