Custom Hoodies Sell Out for Netball Club

5 July 2011
Greenlees Netball Club customized hoodies with club initials GNC in Gap style font

Greenlees Netball Club's customized hoodies with club initials in GAP-style font

Congratulations to the Greenlees Netball Club in Sydney for their successful fundraising campaign with the GAP-font style hoodie design ordered from Captivations recently.

Customized Hoodies

Greenlees Netball Club purchased 150 customized hoodies with their club initials in GAP-style font.

Within three weeks the custom-made hoodies had sold out. The club has reordered another 110 hoodies because of the huge demand – proving that customized hoodies in club colours make a great fundraiser and are terrific for branding your club too.

Hoodies Online

It’s still time to order customized hoodies for your club, school or organisation for this winter. Check out the range of hoodie designs from Captivations and contact us today to place an order. And why not get some I Love t-shirts branded for your club at the same time. Order now to keep your club’s fundraising going.

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