Captivations comes to the rescue delivering custom clothing for Schools Spectacular

17 December 2013
Image of the outfits for the NSW Schools Spectacular which Captivations delivered on time after original suppliers let them down

Custom outfits for the NSW Schools Spectacular custom designed by Captivations

2013 marked the 30th Anniversary of the extraordinary New South Wales Schools Spectacular and featured 3,600 students from 400 NSW public schools for the amazing show at the Sydney Entertainment Centre at the end of November.

When you have that many talented kids to put in costume, there are sure to be some difficulties and Sandra, one of the segment directors ran into trouble in October with 200 tracksuits for her segment in the big event. Their usual supplier couldn’t get them made in time so she rang Captivations desperately seeking help to have the outfits ready in time.

Sandra expressed doubt we could make and freight them in time but with years of doing just that, we have the experience and know how when it comes to delivering custom apparel for many major events around Australia. Naturally, we were completely confident that we could deliver and so accepted the job.

Sample sizes and artwork briefs were despatched immediately to Sandra to collate her orders and sizes required and the order processed as soon as we received the information. Our production managers were on the ball and had everything finished and ready to send just three weeks later on the 19th of November.

Well-drilled logistics then played their part and the suits arrived to the Arts Unit in Sydney on the 25th of November, three days before we promised delivery and six days before the big event. The arts unit even played a more important part by arranging payment before the order arrived.

It’s not normally my sort of thing, but my wife and I sat glued to the TV through the whole sensational coverage that Saturday – and were suitably gobsmacked at the professionalism of the stage presentation and the immense talent shown by the kids (no doubt due to some great coaching and direction).

It was great to play a small part in such an amazing show but we did it again – delivered what we promised in the usual Captivations way.

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