BPA-free water bottles

18 October 2010

There’s been a lot of news reports lately about plastic bottles containing BPA and its detrimental affects.

Captivations team branded water bottles are BPA free

Captivations custom water bottles are BPA free

10 good reasons to use Captivations BPA-free water bottles

  1. Our water bottles are BPA free.
  2. They can be and are used over and over again.
  3. Because they can be refilled rather than one use and discard, they are more environmentally friendly than bought water in disposable bottles.
  4. Our water bottles are hygienic. Because they are personally named, team players use their own water bottle.
  5. They are cheaper than stainless steel water bottles and lighter to carry.
  6. Many of our BPA-free water bottles are squeezable so that, during high-intensity sports, you get a greater flow to quench your thirst.
  7. The see-through versions of our water bottles allow you can see what’s inside and keep the contents fresh and clean.
  8. You can choose from 15 standard base and 15 lid colours
  9. We will print on both sides of the bottle and include a ‘name section’ to individualise bottles.
  10. They are great fundraisers for school fetes and other fundraising events. Rather than buying the disposable bottles of water, buy our team/school branded bottles, fill with water and sell to your supporters. They get to keep their water bottle for reuse.

Colour options for BPA-free water bottles from Captivaitons

Advice for care of reusable BPA-free water bottles

Firstly, keep your bottles clean. Discard water and clean thoroughly after each use. Do not leave water sitting in bottles for drinking later.

Wash water bottles after each use. A solution of equal parts white vinegar and water is an environmentally safe way to clean your bottles. Occassionally, you can also sterilise water bottles with a mild sterilising solution (from the baby care or dental health section of your supermarket).

Refill water bottles with clean, fresh water (filtered if you prefer) before each use.

Store empty water bottles without their lids in a clean, dry place.

About BPA

BPA, an abbreviation of Bisphenol A, is an organic compound used in a variety of products including sunscreens, food preservatives, insecticides, fungicides, wood preservative, food containers, flooring, medication capsules, dental fillings, DVDs and CDs, eyeglass lenses and the lining of water pipes. Almost all metal food and drink cans are lined with epoxy resin containing BPA. It has used in such products for more than 50 years.

The news about health concerns is something to take seriously. Many health authorities advise that human levels of exposure are very low and do not pose a significant health risk when the products are used as intended. However, some countries and health authorities have been revising the safety levels and have started banning BPA in products intended for infants and others.

Choose BPA-free water bottles

Choosing BPA free water bottles is the best option when purchasing custom water bottles by limiting the number of products that contain BPA.

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