Netball Australia to host the World Netball Championships 2015

25 March 2011

The best 10 teams in the world will compete in Sydney at the World Championships 2015: photo courtesy Polynesian Netball

Netball Australia will host the premier netball competition, the World Netball Championships in Sydney in 2015. The International Federation of Netball Associations (IFNA) announced the decision that had Sydney beating rival bid city, Manchester in England.

The top ten netball teams in the world from over 60 national teams will complete at the championships which will be held at Sydney Olympic Park with the support of the NSW State Government, Events NSW, the Sydney Olympic Park Authority and Netball NSW.

The last time Australia hosted the world championship was in 1991 when Australia defeated New Zealand in a 53–52 thrilling final.

Netball Australia CEO Kate Palmer said: “We aimed high when we set out to win the right to host the event and our goal now is to deliver the best and most commercially successful world netball championships ever, thereby ensuring that IFNA has the resources to deliver the sport’s strategic priorities.

“This event will also give us a unique opportunity to showcase the remarkable skill and athleticism of the world’s best players, and to encourage and inspire future generations of Diamonds for years to come.”

The 2011 World Netball Championships are to be held in Singapore from 3 to 10 July. It’s proving to be a huge success with all Platinum 8-day packages and Gold 3-day package already sold out.

Netball Australia will host the 2015 World Netball Championships in Sydney, Australia

Sydney Australia has been announced as the venue for the 2015 World Netball Championships in 2015

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Captivations congratulates Netball Australia on winning the right to host the 2015 World Netball Championship and wishes all players competing in the 2011 championships the best of luck.