4 steps to fast delivery of custom apparel orders

31 January 2013
Steps to a faster delivery of your custom apparel orders

Get your custom apparel on time – just follow these four easy steps

It’s that time of year when many clubs, schools and associations are ordering their club and team apparel for the new season.

To ensure that you get delivery of your custom uniform order on time, please book production space as soon as you can. All you need to do is call us on 1300 734 708 and give us a date you want your order. We’ll do the rest.

Here’s how It works

Step 1 Call your Teamwear Manager (free call Australia 1300 734 708 or direct to office on 07 3292 3293) to reserve production space for upcoming orders. Order estimates are accepted. They don’t have to be exact.

Step 2 Make sure all your designs are approved and up to date. Make sure any new sponsors are updated on existing designs.

Step 3 Place your orders with us after registration day.

Step 4 We will deliver as promised.

Thank you for all those clubs and schools who have booked production space. This enables us to manage our orders more easily and make sure that you get your order on time.

Looking forward to a great 2013.

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