100s of designs for custom athletic clothing

14 November 2012

Examples of custom running singlets for athletic clubs and school athletic teams

Some examples of custom running singlets with club name and logo and sponsors' logos

Custom athletic clothing that is designed specifically for your athletic team can promote your running club and your club sponsors.

There are many reasons to choose our custom athletic clothing. For a start, you’ll get run singlets in the latest style and high-quality sports fabric that keeps your running team cool and dry.

Here’s 8 more reasons to choose our custom running singlets.

8 reasons to choose our custom running singlets

  1. 100s of styles and designs to choose from for your custom running singlets
  2. 300+ colours to choose from to personalise your running singlet design
  3. Quality sports fabric is high filament micromesh that wicks away perspiration and keeps athletes dry through training and athletics events
  4. Fabric is UPF 35+ for excellent sun protection
  5. Latest razor back style for your running singlets
  6. Same running singlets as designed for the Australian Athletics Team
  7. Athletics clothing come in men’s and women’s styles
  8. Sizes for your custom athletic clothing are from XS to 5XL; youth sizes from 4 to 16

Design your own running singlet

It’s easy to make your own singlet for your running team or club. We can make your running singlets in any design you want with your club name and logo, sponsor logos and other features all included in the price.

You can also design your own running singlet online. Send the finished design to us and we’ll take it from there.

With 300+ colours, we can match your running team colours and create a design that works for your club. Note that the minimum order for our free design service is 10 units.

We custom make all your custom running singlets in the sizes that will fit your running team members so you get exactly the running singlet design and sizes for your running team.

Free design for orders of 10 run singlets or more. Call Captivations free call Australia on 1300 734 708. Email your enquiry to Captivations.

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